Welcome to Shopeasy's Discount Management section! Here, you can create customized discounts for specific customers, products, or categories. Follow these steps to set up discounts:

Step 1: Navigate to Discounts

Click on "Discounts" in the sidebar to access the discount management page.

Step 2: Adding a New Discount

  1. Click on "Add New Discount" located at the top right corner.

  2. Discount Type:

    • Select the type of discount you want to create:

      • For Specific Customer

      • For Specific Product

      • For Specific Category

  3. Coupon Code:

    • Enter a unique code that customers will use to apply the discount.

  4. Discount Value:

    • Specify the value or percentage of the discount.

  5. Discount Name:

    • Provide a name for the discount for easy reference.

  6. Start Date and End Date:

    • Set the duration during which the discount will be valid.

Step 3: Save Your Discount

Click the "Add New Discount" button to add the discount to your system.

Managing Discounts

In the Discounts section, you can:

  • View Existing Discounts

  • Edit Discount Details

  • Delete Discounts


  • Creating customized discounts enhances customer loyalty and boosts sales.

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