Store Setting

Welcome to Shopeasy's Store Settings! This section allows you to customize various aspects of your online store. Follow these steps to configure your preferences:

Step 1: Product Settings

Adjust settings related to how your products are displayed and managed:

  1. Products Per Row:

    • Set the number of products you want to display in a single row on your storefront.

  2. Products Per Page:

    • Define how many products you want to display per page for your customers to browse.

  3. Product Sort:

    • Allow customers to sort products based on filters.

  4. Product Grid Option:

    • Select the default view for product listings:

      • Grid View

      • List View

Step 2: Social Media Integration

  1. Social Media Links:

    • Enter the URLs of your social media profiles (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for easy access.

Step 3: Reviews and Ratings

  1. Review Accessibility:

    • Choose who can leave reviews for your products:

      • Logged In User Can Review

      • User Who Purchased Product Can Review

      • Allow All Reviews

Step 4: Custom Fields in Registration and Checkout

  1. Registration Form:

    • Add custom fields to the registration form for customers to provide additional information.

  2. Checkout Form:

    • Include extra fields in the checkout process to collect specific billing or shipping information.


  • Customizing these settings enhances the shopping experience and provides valuable insights into customer preferences.

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