Import Bulk product

Welcome to Shopeasy's Import Bulk Product section! Here, you can add Bulk products in your catalog Using CSV file. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Navigate to Catalog

  • Find and select the "Catalog" option in the Side-Bar.

Step 2: Access Product Management

  • Look for the "Products" submenu.

Step 3: Bulk Upload Products

  • Open "Add New Product" sub-menu, locate and select "Bulk Upload Product" to simplify the process of adding multiple products at once.

Step 4: Download Sample CSV

  • In the Bulk Upload Product section, locate the option to download a sample CSV file. This file serves as a template for bulk product entry.

Step 5: Understand the CSV Format

  • Open the downloaded CSV file to understand the required format for product information. Ensure your data follows this template for a smooth upload process.

Step 6: Enter Bulk Product Details in CSV

  • Using the sample CSV as a guide, input the details of your products. Include product titles, descriptions, images, prices, weights, and any variant information like color and size.

Step 7: Save Your CSV File

  • Save the updated CSV file on your device once you've entered all the necessary product details.

Step 8: Upload Your Bulk Products

  • Return to the Bulk Upload Product section and click on the upload button. Select your saved CSV file and let the system seamlessly add your products to the store in bulk.

Note: This streamlined process makes managing your e-commerce store's inventory efficient. If you have any questions or need assistance, refer to our documentation or reach out to our support team. Happy selling!

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