Sales Management

Welcome to Shopeasy's Sales Management section! This area allows you to oversee and manage orders, returns, and abandoned carts. Follow these steps to efficiently handle your sales processes:

Step 1: Order Management

  1. Navigate to Sales > Orders to begin managing customer orders.

  2. Order Status:

    • Payment Pending

    • Payment Failed

    • Canceled

    • Denied

    • Order Placed

    • Completed

    • Shipped

    • Ready to Ship

Managing Orders

In this section, you can:

  • View Detailed Order Information

  • Update Order Status

  • Manage Payment Details

  • Track Order Shipments

Step 2: Return Order Processing

  1. Navigate to Sales > Returns to handle return requests.

  2. Review customer return requests and take appropriate actions based on the reason for the return.

Step 3: Abandoned Cart Monitoring

  1. Navigate to Sales > Abandoned Cart to track customer cart activities.

  2. View a list of customers who have added products to their carts. Identify abandoned carts that have been inactive for 24 hours or more.


  • Efficiently managing sales processes ensures a seamless experience for your customers.

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