Newsletter Management

Welcome to Shopeasy's Newsletter Management section! Here, you can handle email subscriptions and send newsletters to your customers. Follow these steps to get started:

Section 1: Managing Email Subscription Popup

Step 1: Accessing Email Subscription Popup

  1. Navigate to Modules > Newsletter in the sidebar to access the newsletter management page.

  2. In this section, you can manage the email subscribe popup.

Step 2: Setting up the Email Subscribe Popup

  1. Newsletter Image: Click to upload an image for your email subscribe popup.

  2. Newsletter Module: Toggle to set the status of the popup (Accept or Decline).

  3. Click "Save" to apply the settings.

Section 2: Sending Newsletters

Step 1: Sending a Newsletter

  1. In the newsletter management page, navigate to the "Send Mail" section.

  2. Subject: Enter the subject for your newsletter.

  3. Description: Write the content for your newsletter.

  4. Click "Send" to dispatch your newsletter to subscribed customers.

Step 2: Viewing Subscribers

In the newsletter management page, you can view the list of subscribed and unsubscribed customers by clicking “View Subscriber”.


  • Newsletters are a powerful tool to keep your customers informed about special offers, new arrivals, and important updates.

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